Mom-ing is HARD

“Mom-ing is hard: when #breastfeeding in public is offensive but formula feeding is frowned upon when #cosleeping is dangerous but rocking your baby to sleep is wrong when sleep training means you don’t love your baby but not having your kid on a schedule means you have no control of your kid when putting your… Read More

Bmore Dads

Having a child is a big change. It can add a lot of stress to your life. There is no parenting manual, so everyone makes mistakes. It is important how you deal with those mistakes—acknowledge them with yourself and your child, and move forward with the intention to do better next time. Your children are… Read More

Small Victories

When I’m anxious and feeling like my efforts aren’t 100% like I planned, My husband always tells me to rejoice in the small victories.

Someone Gets Us Moms

I read mommie articles all the time, mostly during nap time or while both children have decided to entertain each other. Every now and then I find one mom who totally gets me! ONE OF MY GO-TO SOURCES FOR GREAT POSTS IS THE BUMP. THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE POSTS. WE ALL HAD SOME WEIRD IDEAS… Read More

What’s in my purse?

As a mom, wife, former beauty queen, former girl scout leader, etc… I must always be prepared for whatever comes. Between my diaper bag and purse…which sometimes gets merged together… I try my very best to do that. So what does this young, modern mom carry in her purse? And yes, I’m using this post… Read More